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Beyond the Text: Illustrations in Eighteenth-Century French Novels


This exhibition draws from Bryn Mawr’s collection of eighteenth century French novels to examine how illustrations influenced the readers’ understanding and interpretation of the text.  It appeared in the Eva Jane Romaine Coombe ’52 Special Collections Suite in 2011.

Colonial Perspectives: Works from the Louise Bulkeley Dillingham Collection

The conquest and colonization of the Americas by the Spanish beginning in the fifteenth century generated many important literary works describing all aspects of the the New World and its colonization by the Spanish. This online exhibition catalogues some of these early texts in Bryn Mawr’s collection, all of which are part of an important gift of books given by alumna Louise Bulkeley Dillingham in the early 1960s.

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From the Factory to the Table: Advertising Cookbooks and the Changing Face of American Domestic Cookery 1880-1941

The cookbook as a genre acts as a gateway into understanding one of the more fundamental aspects of social history - namely how and what people ate at any given time. This exhibition draws from Bryn Mawr's growing collection of cookbooks a selection of advertising cookbooks ranging from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th which document the increasing standardization and mechanization of American cooking as it is marketed to the female consumer, who is at once acknowledged to be busy outside of the home and yet expected to continue in her traditional role as primary cook.

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