Colors of Greece: The Art and Archaeology of Georg von Peschke

Friends and Others

Peschke frequently depicted Yero ("Old Man") Mourtzis, a shepherd from Skyros, in paintings and prints. This painting was featured in the 1935 Vienna exhibition at the Galerie Arnot "Ausstellung Neugriechischer Maler."

Yero Mourtzis, Skyros
Yero Mourtzis/ Γερό Μουρτζής, 1935

Here Yero Mourtzis appears in a typical Skyrian house interior decorated with a wooden chest, a loom, pottery, and copper vessels. Dorothy Burr Thompson photographed Yero Mourtzis in 1931.

Yero Mourtzis
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Yero Mourtzis, Skyros
Yero Mourtzis/ Γερό Μουρτζής, 1945


Girl with Pitcher
Girl with a Pitcher, 1943

Paul Kahn was married to Faltaina von Peschke's aunt. He was a talented musician, and it was through association with the musical and artistic community that Kahn was part of that Peschke met Faltaina. Paul Kahn, originally from Germany, was the younger brother of the wealthy American banker Otto Kahn, and ran the Greek office of the German electrical company AEG, whose president was married to one of Kahn's sisters.

Paul Kahn
Paul Kahn, 1938


Woman with Yellow Headscarf
Woman with Yellow Headscarf, 1930